Het creatieve marketing bureau gespecialiseerd in communicatie in de digitale wereld. De ultieme beleving en interactie met de gebruiker is ons doel. Of het gaat om een mobiele applicatie, touchscreen, fotoconcept of een moderne website. Doordachte bruikbaarheid, aantrekkelijk ontwerp, gedegen code en goede inhoud maken samen de ervaring voor de gebruiker. Het is onze drive om creativiteit met technologie te combineren!

A Day of Glass


Can you imagine organizing your daily schedule with a few touches on your bathroom mirror? Chatting with far-away relatives through interactive video on your kitchen counter? Reading a classic novel on a whisper-thin piece of flexible glass?

The video depicts a world in which interactive glass surfaces help you stay connected through seamless delivery of real-time information – whether you’re working, shopping, eating, or relaxing.

Glass is the essential enabling material of this new world. “This is a visual world – so transparency is a must,” explains Wendell. But that’s just the beginning. Ubiquitous displays require materials that are flexible, durable, stable under the toughest of environmental conditions, and have a cool, touch-friendly aesthetic. And not just any glass will do. This world requires materials that are strong, yet thin and lightweight; that can enable complex electronic circuits and nano functionality; that can scale for very large applications, and that are also environmentally friendly. This world calls for the kind of specialty glass made by Corning.

Such real-time information also depends on communications networks with massive bandwidth capacity – meaning new opportunities to apply its optical communications expertise to customers’ tough challenges.

Does the world showcased in “A Day Made of Glass” seem like something out of a fantasy movie? Just a decade ago, pay phones, VCRs, and film cameras were also commonplace. Today, we’re accustomed to movies streaming on demand to a 60-inch television hanging on the wall and to video calls on notebook computers, essentially for free. “The consumer trend driving our vision for tomorrow is very clear. We all want to be connected with what we want…when we want…anywhere…and with great ease.”

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